Monday, June 13, 2011

The Write Foundation...revisited!! (Lessons 16-30)

I reviewed The Write Foundation Sentence to Paragraph Writing (Lessons 1-15) earlier this year, so I was excited when I got the opportunity to "complete the set" and look over lessons 16-30. I received the Instruction Manual and the Student worksheets for Lessons 16-30--Sentence to Paragraph Writing. It is recommended for ages 11-13, and I agree with that, although it is flexible for younger or older students as needed.

It is a very detailed, well-laid out program. I like how the Instruction Manual spells everything out for you, including the general teaching principles, age levels, and daily schedule suggestions (complete with a syllabus that is very clear and easy to follow) among other things. It is very specific in how to set up and implement the program, which can be confusing at first, but it all comes together when you work with it for awhile. The author of the curriculum, Becky Celsor, gives the option of a 5 or 10 day schedule, which allows for great flexibility on the part of the homeschooler. Don't you love that??

A five day schedule (taken from the instruction manual) would look like this:

Day 1: Sentence Structure and Sentence Practice

Day 2: Teacher instructions for writing process

Day 3: Independent writing assignment

Day 4: Finish paragraph writing assignment

Day 5: Poetry and Mind Benders

Or, if you prefer a 10 day schedule, it would look like this:

Day 1: Mind Benders

Day 2: Sentence Structure and Sentence Practice

Day 3: Teacher instructions for writing process

Day 4: Independent writing assignment

Day 5: Independent writing assignment

Day 6: Independent writing assignment

Day 7: Independent writing assignment

Day 8: Complete writing-edit own work, have teacher grade and correct

Day 9: Poetry instruction-practice

Day 10: Poetry independent

It is pretty straightforward and easy to follow, if you ask me!!

The student worksheets are very helpful for the students. You need to use both the worksheets and the manual as a complete set with this program. You make use of Mind Benders (from Critical Thinking Co.) along with the worksheets, and they are helpful. The worksheets have a variety of activities and keeps things interesting. That is a very good thing for young writers!!

We liked the program. On the website, it talks of who would benefit from the program and lists a struggling writer or a student who just needs to learn to write, giving teacher friendly lesson plans you can quickly prepare and teach with curriculum children will enjoy while learning creatively. I think that is a pretty good assessment!

When you order The Write Foundation Sentence to Paragraph program, you receive two spiral Instruction Manuals (Lessons 1-15 has 140 pages, 16-30 has 160 pages.), a full set of student worksheets for lessons 1-30 (200 pages), and additional resources to download to your computer immediately after your purchase. It was $70 plus tax and/or shipping. This is a very complete curriculum. I was impressed with the customer service, too, which is a plus.

There are other programs available. Paragraph Writing is for ages 12-15, and Essay is for ages 14-17. You should check out the programs at and see what you think. It is a homeschool friendly curriculum that just may be the key for your writing class!!

***I received this product independently and free of charge in exchange for my honest review of it. I received no other compensation.***