Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TOS Crew Review--PG Key

These can potentially be dangerous times. Parents, we need to be so careful of our children! With the new technology that is available these days, things could get ugly for your children as they work or play on the computer. They could stumble on things we don't want them to see or do or read or experience. PG Key is (part of) the answer!!

PG Key is just that--a key you plug into your computer, then add a password, and presto!! Your child, whatever age, will be a lot safer on the computer. What could be easier than that?! As the mother of 11 children of all ages, I am thankful for anything that will make things more secure for them. We don't allow a lot of computer time, and it is closely monitored. BUT... it doesn't matter how young, old, responsible, trustworthy, or competent your children are--things can happen when they are doing a simple search for something, intentionally or not. With PG Key, things are just...safer. More secure. I like that!

PG Key has 10 parental controls:

-Access Control

-Time Allowance

-Content Filtering

-Site Blocking

-Activity Tracking

-Activity Notification

-Chat and E-mail loggings

-Computer Configurations

-User name and password logging

-Inappropriate activity evidence

As you can see, it has so many great features that will protect your children from inappropriate things on the computer/internet. My husband specifically commented on the time allowance, which would be helpful for anyone, young or old!! You are able to view all computer use for 60 hours--wow. That gives you a lot of useful information.

You can get a free trial of PG Key. Or, you can order for $49.99 plus shipping. There are no yearly fees. That is a deal.

Keep your children safe. Keep them accountable. Use whatever measures you have to use to achieve these goals. PG Key is a great start, along with a lot of parental monitoring. Stay involved in your children's lives--whatever age they are!!!

Visit the PG Key website and check it out:

***Disclaimer: I was given one PG Key free of charge in exchange for my review of it.***

Monday, October 11, 2010

Talking Fingers: Read, Write & Type

I was excited to get access to the online version of Read, Write, & Type! Learning System by Talking Fingers. At first, I had trouble getting it to work, and had to contact Talking Fingers to help. Well, the gal couldn't have been nicer. She did everything she could to get me up and running. (and, for the record, it was ME that was the problem and not the product at all!!)

This product incorporates phonics, reading, writing, and keyboarding. What a wonderful idea!! I always like it when a product covers more than one subject, and these subjects just naturally go together. I originally targeted my 7 year old son, and it was perfect for him. He enjoyed the activities with Lefty and Rightaway, and the villain Vexor. He would stay engaged at the task at hand for a good stretch of time, then had to stop. It kept his attention for the most part, but I think a 7 year old can only take so much learning at a time, even if it is FUN learning!

My 9 year old wasn't as enthusiastic. He is a good reader, and I think it felt a little slow to him. I think another product by Talking Fingers called Wordy Qwerty for grades 2-4 would be a better fit for him, although I may have him continue with Read, Write & Type just to get a good base in keyboarding.

I asked my 12 year old daughter to try it out, just to see if she could pick up some good keyboarding skills, but it was just too slow for her. She was able to tell me about it, so it did catch her attention, but because of her age, just didn't hold it. (and Talking Fingers targets this product for ages 6-9, so that makes sense!)

I have little ones, too, in the 3-4 year old range. They haven't done much on the computer at all, so this was too big of a challenge. We didn't get far at all, but I just wanted to check it out. They like to watch when big brother does it, and that is good for now!

This is a very good product that is lively and fun. It is geared toward how the brain learns. I am very impressed with this, and look forward to my son (s) completing it in the weeks to come.

The online version price of Read, Write & Type is based on how many users you have, and is good for five years. (one user -$35, two users - $55, three users-$70, four users-$80, and five users $100.) You can also get a CD version of RW&T for $79, and that would be good for a lot of children! Quite a good deal, if you ask me! (and I'm big on deals since I have 11 children...)

To order this online product, you can click here:

For the CD, you can click here:

For more information about this product or other products by Talking Fingers, click here:

This is a great product, and we definitely enjoyed reviewing it. Check it out today. Your child/children will be glad you did!!

***Disclaimer--I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review of it. I received no other compensation.***

Friday, October 1, 2010

TOS Product Review: The Peleg Chronicles: Foundlings (Book One)

My middle boys (ages 5, 7, and 9) love to have read-alouds with their dad before they go to bed. Foundlings (Book One of The Peleg Chronicles by Zoe & Sozo Publishing) was the perfect book for them to read together. I think it will leave you wishing for more! (there is a second book called Paladins already out, with a promise from the author for more...that is good news!)

The author, Matthew Christian Harding, has a fascinating testimony on his website. It definitely made you think, and I appreciate that. It is good background to the book, too, in my opinion.

The back of the book says there is no evolution, no magic, and no humanism. That is wonderful news, isn't it? My boys love these kinds of books. I'm sure some girls do, too. (mine don't, but the boys like them enough to make up for that! I've almost convinced a few of my daughters to try reading the book...) Sometimes books of this type are not books I want my children reading. You just have to be so careful. The good news is...this book is good, safe, and exciting. It contains a lot of Bible truths and Christian traits. That is a very good combination for fun read-alouds with Dad!!

Here is a description of the book from the publisher (from the back of the book):

"There will be dragons. There be giants. And God: our maker, our help, and our righteous judge." The Warrior's broad hand rested upon the eager shoulder of a boy. "Does it not stir your soul?"

It was in the days of Peleg, when the world was divided. After the flood of Noah, after the tower of Babel and the dispersion, when men wondered where they were upon the earth, and where their fellows had gone to, when beasts were more numerous than men-predators in the mood, in the water, and in the air. But men struggled and fought, carving their place. And in the process of time they once again began to multiply upon the face of the earth.

Fergus was shield-bearer, sworn protector of his liege Lord. Armed with spear and sword, his purpose, he knew, was to defend his master, anticipate danger, and support assault. But keeping up with McDougal's long legs was difficult, and he trembled with excitement of what might come next.

A human voice screaming, and McDougal exploded down the hillside. A moment later, he leapt upon a rock twenty feet from the bog's discernable edge and drew back the first arrow. Fergus scrambled up beside him.

On the other side of the marsh, a man of dwarf height, thickset, and slightly hunched, staggered from the weeds-a mace outstretched above his head. He peered into the high branches of the forest. But the pursuing creature, whatever it was, did not emerge from the canopy above. Down at the forest floor, near the base of a great dead tree, a black mouth, imbued with yellow teeth, hissed and snarled. The dwarf screamed and swung his mace through the air...

That gives a good introduction to the book, enough to make you wonder what else is inside!

The boys had some trouble following the story at times since they are young. My 17 year old son was reading it, too, and found the same problem at times, but was able to work through that. There was good character development and lots of plot to follow. You just have to love a book like that! Enjoy!!

The book (along with the second in the series) sells for $11.95, with free shipping. Order it here:

Find other reviews for this product here:

***Disclaimer: I was given this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review of it. I was given no other compensation.***