Sunday, April 24, 2011

See the Light art curriculum

My kids are crafty, and are drawing or creating or coloring a lot. But, we seem to neglect any formal art curriculum in this homeschool, as it is not my "thing." Fortunately, it IS Pat Knepley's "thing" and she teaches it well!!

We received a DVD with Lessons 1-4 on it. It was a treat to watch and learn!! Included on this DVD were the following lessons:

Tools of the Trade , which teaches the basics of what makes a drawing.

It All Starts With a Line, which discusses lines and contour drawing.

Contours & Composition, which shows how to be synchronized and how to place things in a drawing.

Draw What You See, which helps you know if you are drawing what you see or what you know.

These DVDs were enjoyable and educational. My children enjoyed them, and learned from them. I would say they are good for elementary age, but could also be good for older children with little or no art instruction. In all, the entire course consists of 9 DVDs with 4 easy step lessons on each. It is $99.99 for all. You can also start an online subscription for $10 a month. If you go to the website, you can request a free DVD of the first four lessons, like the one I received. It is and it has the curriculum and many added products you might be interested in. It is definitely worth looking into!!

The best part of this curriculum, besides the great instruction, is how it "draws children to Him" as it says in the logo. (I would have added that to this review, but we are having computer trouble and after numerous tries, we gave up trying to add pictures!!) It is wonderful to use a curriculum that is Christ-centered!

I would recommend this "art class" to anyone who is looking for a good foundation in art. It has added extras, like chalk lessons, that are fun, too. Take a look at the website and see if it would appeal to the budding artists in your homeschool!

***Disclaimer: I received this DVD at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion of it. I received no other compensation.***

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