Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monki See

I received some Monki See products to review, and it was fun to try them out! I have 4 children who I knew might benefit from this, ages 2, 3, 4, and 5, two with some learning challenges. The age range on this program is actually 3 months-2 years, but I knew the older children in my "young crowd" would benefit from it as well. They loved reading the book and watching the video, and even for a child farther along in reading, it would be a good review.

My kids loved the book we received called Know Your Monkey. The two year old carried it around a lot, even before we watched the DVD. He would sit on the floor and go through the book and say words to go along with the pictures. It was such a cute little book, and all the kids enjoyed the rhyme and pictures.

The DVD, called Baby's First Words, was very fun for my children. There were 40 words introduced with poetry, music, puppets, and real life images. It (mostly) held the attention of my 4 little ones. There was a slide show with the words and real life pictures at the end, and they liked going through that.

My children aren't reading War and Peace or anything, but they had fun that happened to be educational and that is what matters to me. The creator of the MonkiSee products, Krista Guerrero, says in the DVD not to push, but allow the child to have fun. Goal accomplished!!

I am still having troubles trying to put pics up on my computer, or I would have posted some of the cute MonkiSee logo, or other fun pictures from the website, but you'll just have to check them out yourself when you are looking into these products at You can get the books for $9.95, the DVDs for $19.95, and lots of other products like word cards and a reading kit. It may just be a good fit for the younger crowd at your house!

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