Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eagle's Wings--Considering God's Creation

Many years ago, while we were on a camping trip, the kids and I (I didn't have as many then as I do now!!) were sitting at the playground looking for rocks, classifying them, etc. and we were having a blast!! I knew then that I needed to find something different for our science curriculum so we could do more hands on things and have fun. We got home, and I did some searching on the internet, and found Considering God's Creation curriculum. It was fun and hands on and we enjoyed it. Fast forward to when this review came up. I realized I hadn't yet done this curriculum with my younger set, so I was glad to be able to review it!

Considering God's Creation is an easy to follow science curriculum or supplement, whichever will meet your needs. It covers such topics as creation, solar system, earth, rocks, weather, Plant and Animal Kingdoms, and animal and human anatomy and physiology. How's that for a lot of earth and life science topics??? It is easy to follow, with comprehensive lesson plans and minimum cost. What a great combination!

This curriculum is for grades 2nd-7th, although it can be adaptable for other ages, too. There is a "digging deeper" section that is for the older students. It is great for all students in your homeschool to learn together.

My children like this curriculum. It is full of activities, and I like that it is hands on and more enjoyable than just reading a textbook. You can go to the website at and take a look at this fun, affordable science curriculum. You can get the teacher's guide and student workbook for $29.95, and additional student workbooks for $13.95. There is also an audio CD included, and a replacement is $3.00.

This is worth checking out to see if it will work for you family!

***Disclaimer: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review of it. I received no other compensation.***

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